Financial Initiatives from Dimitri Shein

Dimitri For Congress

Dimitri Shein has been a proponent of Alaska State's financial security for years. He supports the following initiatives:

  • Dramatically increase funding for education, including K-12 and higher education. It will result in more people graduating from high school, who will then be able to attend university or college and earn degrees that will help them gain employment or start their businesses.
  • Create incentives (such as tax breaks) for small businesses willing to hire local workers instead of outsourcing jobs to other countries. It will help ensure that Alaskans have access to employment opportunities, which is especially important given that many people have moved away from Alaska due to a lack of job opportunities.
  • An increase in funding for The Nature Conservancy's work in Alaska. We know how important our natural spaces are for preserving biodiversity and maintaining healthy ecosystems; this initiative will help us continue this critical work.