Dimitri’s Progressive Platform

Standing for Honest Progressive Values in 2018

I entered the race for Congress as Democrat because I am tired of watching establishment politicians run on the platform of “I am not Don Young,” offering no new ideas that benefit the next generation of Alaskans. Now is the time to stand up and tell the truth, because that is what our country needs. We can win this election by speaking truth to power and standing proud for our progressive values.


Healthcare is the issue of my generation. This issue has not been solved for decades and it is damaging our state and our country. Improved Medicare for All is a solution that moves our nation to universal healthcare access. Improved Medicare for All will expand Medicare coverage to all Americans from birth. This program will make healthcare a national priority and will prioritize funding for healthcare ahead of wasteful government spending that is used to start wars, build hate walls, and give out tax cuts to multinational corporations. With Improved Medicare for All we will build a healthcare system that is locally managed and responsive to the healthcare needs of the people it serves. Improved Medicare for All is a commitment by the U.S. government to the citizens of our nation that clearly states that healthcare is a human right. In Congress, I will fight to pass Medicare for All.


Our economic future depends on investments in renewable energy, education of the workforce, and a modern healthcare system. Tax cuts to multinational corporations and the richest 1% of Americans put our nation and the next generation of Americans further in debt and send more of our tax dollars to China. In order to create jobs in Alaska and the rest of the country we should fix bridges and roads, invest in renewable energy projects, and build the next generation electric power grid. In Congress, I will work to repeal these reckless tax cuts and make sure we are investing our tax dollars in education, healthcare and renewable energy to guarantee long term economic growth.


All six of my children attend public school here in Alaska. The classrooms are overcrowded and understaffed. It is not enough to simply be a supporter of education, we as Alaskans have to fight to fund education through raising taxes on the oil industry. When elected I will be a firm supporter of raising taxes on the oil industry to provide for increased funding for Pre-K to 12 education. As your Congressman, I will use the full power of my office to fight for more Federal and State revenue for our public schools.


Traveling to Newtok, Alaska I have witnessed the destructive impact of climate change that is destroying homes and the traditional way of life. When you see Alaskan villages being washed away by the sea it is important to be honest about the causes of climate change. Climate change is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. The Federal Government should be using all of its power to move our nation toward an economy that is powered by renewable energy. It is imperative that we as a nation have a robust Environmental Protection Agency that is staffed by scientists, and not the coal industry. In Congress I will fiercely defend climate change science and will work to make sure we have scientists in government positions to shape our nation’s environmental policies.

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a national disaster that is destroying our communities across the Nation. My wife Melissa is a family medicine physician and sees the effects of this disaster every day she goes to work. It is clear that the majority of our community members suffering with opioid addiction want help. With proper support, these individuals are able to successfully overcome behaviors that threaten their lives and the safety of our community. In Congress, I will work on legislation to fund programs that prevent opioid misuse, prevent overdose deaths, provide addiction treatment and support recovery maintenance. This legislation will fund prompt access to detox services, which then bridge directly and efficiently to treatment programs that partner with healthcare providers. This legislation will provide resources to enable providers to apply up to date guidelines to curb opioid misuse through safe prescribing practices. This legislation will provide resources to communities to prevent and treat overdose, and support long-term remission and reintegration into the workforce. Addressing the epidemic throughout this spectrum of need will allow those affected by opioid addiction to get back to raising their families, pursuing education and employment. With decisive federal action, our community will see fewer deaths, reduced child welfare agency burden, decreased incarceration, and a more robust workforce. In Congress, I will work to bring priority federal funding and federal government assistance to this epidemic so we can respond to this crisis with the urgency it deserves.

Civil Rights

The power of government (federal, state and municipal) should never be used to discriminate and oppress people in our communities. The power of government should not be used to control a woman’s body. The power of government should not be used to demonize our immigrant communities. The power of government should not be used to strip away civil rights from our LGBTQ community. The power of government should not be used to oppress people of color. In Congress, I will fight to ensure we live in a more open and just society.

Campaign Finance

Corporations are not people. Special interest groups and corporate donors are a threat to our democratic process. Our campaign does not accept corporate PAC contributions. In Congress, I will work to remove the influence of special interest groups and corporate donors from our system of government.