As a business person I built my business by doing research and formulating a business plan based on facts. So that is why I believe we should be honest about causes and effects of climate change. 98% of data and scientists agree about the causes of climate change, thus in congress we should pursue an energy policy that is based on facts and that gives priority to development of Alaska’s cleaner energy resources. Denying climate change and the causes of climate change will not make arctic ice melt slower, or protect our coastal communities from erosion and flooding. Climate change denial enables dirty fuels like coal and shell oil to undercut Alaska’s energy production.

I also think it is an issue of fairness. Why should we as a country continue to burn coal when it is causing so much damage here in Alaska? Why continue to burn coal when we have so much natural gas available here in our country? Natural gas can reduce the effects of climate change and power our economy. We have the largest natural gas deposit in the world here in Alaska.

It is vitally important for Alaska to develop our natural gas resources. For the Alaskan economy to grow we need a clean and abundant energy source. We also need to be able to heat our homes and businesses in the wintertime. Development of Alaska’s natural gas means jobs in Alaska, energy security for Alaska, and a cleaner environment for the next generation of Alaskans.

I disagree with Don Young ‘s support for the lower 48 coal industry and Keystone pipeline. Developing coal in the lower 48 devaluates our natural gas resources and makes development of our natural gas unlikely. Further, developments like the Keystone pipeline flood the US market with cheap Canadian shale oil and makes oil development in Alaska less economically feasible.

In these tough economic times we need to be smart and not cling onto failed and outdated ideology that ignores environmental realities and also hurt Alaska’s clean energy development. We need a federal energy policy that promotes the development of Alaska’s natural gas and reduces the impact of climate change. The next generation of Alaskans should have a voice in these policies that we will have to live with for decades to come.